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Internationally renowned

Located in Nijkerk, the Netherlands, Tankbouw Rootselaar designs and manufactures pressure vessels holding gas, oil, and industrial gases for various applications. From a small propane bottle to a 500-ton CO2 system the size of a building: we have what it takes to meet your needs.

Custom-built equipment

Tankbouw Rootselaar, the first of Rootselaar Group’s companies, was established over 65 years ago. Decades-long experience has enabled us to hone our skills and technical understanding: our success is built on tradition.

Not only do we offer high-quality solutions. Our approach exudes practicality and innovation: we take standardised vessel designs and tailor them to meet your demands. Hence, we provide innovative answers to often complicated requests.

A wide range of certifications

Over the years, we have obtained a large number of international certifications. Furthermore, we make design calculations in accordance with many different codes. Consequently, we know how to comply with local and global regulations and serve companies worldwide.

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The Rootselaar Group history

Tankbouw Rootselaar was established by Mr T. van Rootselaar in 1957. After he returned from the Australian oil refineries, he decided to venture into the production of propane tanks. Over the years, he increased the size of the vessels, eventually manufacturing tank trailers.

Pressure vessels, cryogenics and engineering

In 1988, when his children entered the business, they expanded their business to include pressure vessels for multiple gases. With the acquisition of Cryovat in 1996, the Van Rootselaar family further diversified their business and founded Rootselaar Group. In 2021, the third generation Van Rootselaars took office, ready to continue consolidation and growth.

Through acquisitions and joint ventures, Rootselaar Group has grown to 6 companies hailing from 3 continents. Of these companies, Tankbouw Rootselaar works most closely with cryogenics expert Cryovat International and engineering firm Hadetec.

Exchange of relevant engineering expertise

Being part of Rootselaar Group enables us to draw from added expertise elsewhere in the Group. As a result, we offer a wide range of vessel-related products and services, from comprehensive advice and tailored designs to additional piping and entire systems.

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We harbour the family business culture imparted by our (grand)father. This includes quick responses and an eagerness to be of service. Would you like to learn more about our products and services? Or do you have a question about specific certifications? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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