3D modelling and many design codes

Give us your specs, and we will deliver a pressure vessel. Using 3D modelling and performing all required design calculations, we will custom-design a tank that can withstand pressure, vibration, heat or cold – any condition it will be subject to.

We have a highly pragmatic attitude and will offer practical advice whenever necessary. Harnessing 65+ years of experience and cutting-edge expertise, we will meet your demands, regardless of the level of complexity. And with any certification you require.

Each project has a dedicated project manager. He is responsible for every phase of the project, will keep you in the loop and is available for questions at all times.

Quality control

Tankbouw Rootselaar is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Design codes

Using both commonly available software and in-house programmes, we make design calculations in compliance with a wide array of codes. These include: 

  • EN 13445
  • ASME-Code, Section VIII, division 1 & 2
  • AD-Merkblätter
  • PD 5500
  • SPVC 
  • Dutch Rules for Pressure Vessels
  • Danish Code
  • Belgian Code

Please check our quality page for a complete overview of our current qualifications.

3D CAD design and modelling

3D CAD design software enables us to perform finite element analysis.

We also apply 3D design modelling. These comprehensive designs omit the need to manually translate a 2D design into 3D reality, thus minimising the need for re-work.

Our 3D models can be implemented in other 3D software programmes if required. Moreover, these designs can be used in customer presentations and technical publications.

Extensive testing

In addition to our 3D design modelling, we perform tests throughout the project to ensure optimal quality. 

More information on quality assurance

Would you like to learn more about our Quality Assurance system? We welcome you to contact us for more information. Alternatively, read how quality is ensured within Rootselaar Group. 

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Our story


Tankbouw Rootselaar was established by Mr T. van Rootselaar in 1957. His children entered the business in 1988, and his grandchildren followed in 2021. Read how we grew to be an internationally renowned pressure vessel manufacturer.

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