Tankbouw Rootselaar designs and manufactures transportable ISO tank containers for liquefied LPG (butane/propane), CO2, ammonia, alkyls and many other substances that require pressurised transport.

Tailored to meet demands

We produce 20 and 30 feet vessels with various pressures, including UN-types T21 and T22 (minimum test pressure of 10 bar) and T50 (minimum of 57.6 bar). Furthermore, we design and manufacture swap body tanks. All tank containers can be used by road, rail and sea.

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Advice on what is possible and mandatory

We have a thorough understanding of international norms and design codes. Consequently, we are well able to offer advice on what is possible and mandatory. Our designs are based on standard ISO tank containers, which we tailor for optimal volume, weight and price.

Internationally certified

All transportable tanks are designed in compliance with IMDG, ADR/RID & CSC and local requirements and regulations. Furthermore, we are well-versed in the Dutch Publication Series on Hazardous Substances (PGS). These are regulations regarding the production, transport, storage and use of hazardous substances, including gas and oil.

Authorised agencies carry out the inspections; third parties can be involved upon request.

High-tech engineering consultancy

Our team of highly skilled engineers custom-designs all ISO tank containers. Should you have more specialised requirements, we involve Hadetec. This engineering firm and fellow Rootselaar Group member specialises in designs from scratch and knows how to add additional features, including piping.

More information

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